This classic 80’s era Porsche was in real need of a freshen up. It had been resprayed, but the final finishing of the paint left a lot to be desired. The car was polished very poorly, leaving holograms, buffer trails and swirl marks. It displayed a dull, lacklustre finish, and definitely not highlighting some lovely metallic flake hiding underneath. After foam bathing the vehicle to safely loosen dirt and grime, we clay barred the duco to remove years of built up contamination, providing a smooth surface to be polished.

After a stage 2 paint correction, we were able to achieve a flawless finish with a beautiful shine. Clarity to the paint was back and so too was the metallic flake. The paint was sealed with a long last synthetic sealant, with superb water beading properties. Now the owner is very proud of his expertly polished classic Porsche, especially when going on those nice Sunday drives that this German beauty was made for. A very enjoyable detail this was on a very cool and classy car.