This classic Chevrolet Ute was purchased by one of our regular clients, and once again like many, many vehicles we see, that are restored and modified very well, they are let down by bad polishing work on the paint. This one had all the usual damage which included swirl marks, holograms, buffer trails and random scratches. The owner wanted it brought back to mint condition, well we were up for the challenge and looking forward to bringing it back to life, and making red glow like it should.

A stage 2 paint correction was required on most panels, where as some panels that weren’t as severe got a thorough single stage correction. Having some curved panels, meant that these areas needed some extra time spent to get the desired correction. A very long day was spent, but we were well rewarded, the result was the paint looking absolutely stunning. The dull red now had crisp and clear reflections, plus a gorgeous dripping wet look. Happy owner and happy detailer!