Paint Protection

For those looking for the best long term protection against the elements for you vehicle’s paintwork, the solution is a ceramic coating. As opposed to a wax or sealant, a ceramic coating, is a much thicker, harder layer of protection for your factory paintwork. With modern clear coats getting thinner and thinner, paint protection coatings are a great way to protect your vehicle’s paint.

Main benefits are ;

  • Adding hardness to your paint. Ceramic coatings increase resistance to wash induced scratching and swirling. Most light scratches and swirls that will occur will be in the layer of the coating, protecting your paint underneath. Coatings will not stop scratches and swirls completely, but they usually reduce light swirling by approx 50%, providing the vehicle is maintained correctly.
  • Ceramic coatings have a hydrophobic surface, which includes water behaviour with great beading and water and dirt repelling properties. This results in your car staying cleaner for longer and makes washing easier.
  • The shine and gloss from a ceramic coating is like nothing else. We can confidently say that your car will look better than new.

The incredible look a coated car has is largely due to the paint correction/machine polishing performed to the paint before a coating is applied. We pride ourselves on achieving the best finish possible, then locking it in with a quality coating.

Equally important are the decontamination and preparation stages, producing a surgically clean surface free of bonded contaminants, to allow for the coating to bond correctly with the paint’s surface. IR heat lamps are also used for a stronger bond and to accelerate the curing process.

We also strongly believe in being honest about what a coating will and wont do. No over hyped claims. Ceramic coatings also perform their best when maintained correctly. As part of our service we provide information on the best ways to maintain a vehicle with a paint protection coating.

We don’t believe in warranties full of fine print, we stand by our work and offer our own workmanship guarantee. The main difference in the packages is the level of machine polishing chosen/required.


Premium Package – From $990

Signature Package – From $1650

Concours Package – From $2750




Paint Protection

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